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Anshul Dash


I just graduated from high school and am in NS. I started investing when I was 13, and have built a personal portfolio mainly through event-driven strategies, and I hope to use my expertise in Finance to help the Singapore community through SYFI. I also launched a venture capital brokerage & advisory firm: MoonDash Ventures. Outside of these, I would like to say I do more... but I don't have much time!

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Why I started SYFI

In the summer of 2022, a friend an I were working on a stock pitch report at a co-working office in Geylang. In the evening, after around 10 hours of working, 2 elderly men knocked on our door as we were about to leave. They said they had got an email from their bank which they didn't understand, and if we could help them. Thankfully we agreed, and once we saw the email we realized instantly that they were about to get scammed out of $100,000. The email claimed it was from Maybank, but the whole email didn't fit, and the sender was just a random Gmail. We steered them from sending their live savings to this scam, but realized this is a massive problem. I did some research and found that more than half of Singaporeans claim they are not financially literate. I decided to combine my passion for finance with helping the community and raise the standards for Singapore. Join me on this journey to transform Singapore into a country of high financial literacy and harness the incoming opportunities. 

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