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Johnson & Johnson: 2022 Annual Report Analysis

By: Christopher Wiesler


Johnson & Johnson's 2022 Annual Report provides a detailed overview of the company's achievements, financial performance, and strategic direction. This analysis seeks to summarize the salient information and offer insights into the market implications and its evolving dynamics.

Company Overview:

2022 was a pivotal year for Johnson & Johnson, marked by solid financial performance and value enhancement for shareholders. The company embarked on two significant undertakings: preparing to operate as a more agile, two-sector entity and initiating the separation of its Consumer Health business, Kenvue. These changes were navigated amidst challenges such as high inflation, geopolitical tension, and supply chain disruptions. Johnson & Johnson has a rich history of 137 years, during which it has consistently addressed healthcare's most pressing needs.

Financial Highlights:

Johnson & Johnson reported full-year operational sales growth of over 6%. The adjusted net earnings stood at $27 billion, with adjusted diluted net earnings per share at $10.15. These figures represent increases of 3.2% and 3.6%, respectively, compared to 2021. On an operational basis, the adjusted diluted net earnings per share surged by 9.2%.

The company invested approximately $15 billion in R&D and allocated over $17 billion toward acquisitions. Notably, the dividend was increased for the 60th consecutive year, and capital was returned to shareholders through a share repurchase program.

The total shareholder return (TSR) for 2022 surpassed both the Competitor Composite and the S&P 500. This contributed to a nearly 13% compounded annual growth rate in TSR over the past decade.

Segment Performance:


  • Achieved operational sales growth across all businesses in 2022, including Orthopaedics, Surgery, Interventional Solutions, and Vision.

  • Over 20 programs with a net present value potential of over $100 million were included in the MedTech pipeline in 2022.

  • The acquisition of Abiomed positioned Johnson & Johnson as the global leader in heart recovery, enhancing MedTech revenue growth and diversifying the portfolio.


  • The company marked its 11th consecutive year of above-market adjusted operational sales growth, excluding the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Growth was primarily driven by oncology and immunology medicines such as DARZALEX, ERLEADA, STELARA, and TREMFYA.

  • The company continued to explore new indications and transformative regimens for its medicines, further strengthening its portfolio.


Significant progress was made towards the separation of the Consumer Health business into an independent entity, Kenvue.

Leadership appointments were made, and the business began operating as a "company within a company" starting in 2023. The separation process is expected to conclude during 2023.

Market Insights and Implications:

  • Johnson & Johnson's decision to operate as a two-sector company and separate its Consumer Health business indicates a strategic move to enhance focus and agility in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

  • The company's robust investment in R&D underscores the importance of innovation in driving growth and addressing evolving healthcare needs.

  • The acquisition strategies, particularly in the MedTech segment, reflect the company's commitment to diversifying its portfolio and solidifying its position in key therapeutic areas.

  • The consistent growth in the pharmaceutical segment, driven by oncology and immunology medicines, highlights the potential of these therapeutic areas in the coming years.

  • The separation of the Consumer Health business into Kenvue signifies a strategic realignment, allowing both entities to operate with enhanced focus and cater to distinct market needs.


Johnson & Johnson's 2022 Annual Report offers a comprehensive insight into its operations, financial performance, and strategic initiatives. The company's decisions, ranging from portfolio diversification to business separation, are indicative of its forward-looking approach in navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Johnson & Johnson's commitment to innovation, strategic growth, and patient-centricity positions it well to address future challenges and opportunities. The insights from this report provide a clear understanding of the company's trajectory and the broader healthcare market dynamics.

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