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Singapore Youth
Finance Initiative

Let's shape the future of finance together!



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About us

SYFI is a community of youth in Singapore, interested in the fields of business, finance and economics. We strive to educate you, and prepare you for a career in Finance. Collectively, we are working to increase the financial literacy rate in Singapore through the youth, but also vulnerable members of our community. Join us to get opportunities never seen before in Singapore, through learning to participating in competition and volunteering roles with our locals.  

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What We Do

Building A Community

We're dedicated to building a vibrant community where young minds unite, share, and learn from each other's financial journeys. It's a space where passion for finance meets collaborative growth

Community Outreach

Members have the opportunity to make a difference by sharing financial literacy with the wider community, especially with the elderly. It's about giving back and gaining unique insights in the process.


Through: curated content made by us to industry professionals speaking at events, the learning doesn't stop. We also have partners locally and around the world extending their services to us to offer more opportunities for our members. 

Upcoming Events!

No events at the moment

Join the club

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